Families and Dogs Against Fighting Breeds

We don’t allow dogfighting, why do we allow fighting breeds in our neighborhoods and parks?

Families and Dogs against Fighting Breeds is an organization dedicated to preventing dogfighting and dog attacks through adopting legislation banning fighting breeds of dogs. Other modern progressive dog loving countries, such as the U.K., France, Spain, Norway and New Zealand and parts of Germany and Canada have already adopted similar legislation. In the U.S. over 900 cities have adopted breed-specific laws, as has every major military division of the United States: The U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Army and the U.S. Marine Corps.

By supporting legislation to spay and neuter all fighting breeds and making it illegal to acquire a new one, we seek to dramatically reduce the population of all fighting breeds in our community. We also seek to impose safety precautions such as muzzles when these dogs are walked in public spaces to protect people and pets from being attacked by them. We seek to protect people and pets from dog breeds that have been selectively bred to kill other dogs, and to prevent criminals from using fighting breeds as dangerous weapons.


We Advocate
Families and Dogs Against Fighting Breeds advocates to stop the passage of state legislation that preempts local governments from enacting breed-specific laws. See our Senate and House testimony in 2019 regarding HB 1026. We also attend local hearings when cities are discussing repealing longstanding pit bull ordinances, such as in Yakima and Enumclaw.
The Issues
The primary issues we address are medical injuries and cost, family and pet safety and why insurance companies often have an uninsurable dog breed list. Breed-based regulations are enacted throughout the world because specific dog breeds have demonstrated a disproportionate rate of mauling, maiming and killing not only human beings, but farm animals, pets and service dogs.
The legislation
Read our initiative to ban Fighting Breeds in the city of Seattle. Key points include: No new Fighting Breeds; all existing Fighting Breeds must be spayed and neutered; all existing Fighting Breeds must be muzzled when outside of the owner’s house; no one under 18 can own a Fighting Breed dog; and these dogs are prohibited from using off-leash areas and public parks.